Research & Clinical Trials

The hospital has over 20 years’ experience in clinical trials participation and staff regularly present research findings at major international scientific meetings.

Our dedicated clinical trials team includes consultant and junior doctors, research nurses, research pharmacist and a dedicated data manager. We constantly seek opportunities for new clinical trials to offer our patients the latest treatments. We have forged strong links with researchers around Ireland and internationally so that we can identify the right treatment for suitable patients.

Clinical trials provide improved standards of excellence in an oncology service. Hospitals engaging in trials are associated with a high standard of healthcare delivery and care.

The outcome of a clinical trials programme is to improve cancer care by diagnosing cancer earlier, treating it more quickly and/or effectively, and providing access to new treatments with reduced side effects of therapy.

At Bon Secours Cork Cancer Centre (BSCCC) our clinical trials programme is patient-centred, enabling suitable patients to safely access new and better cancer drug treatments that are not yet widely available to all. Our objective is that eventually every patient who attends BSCCC will have the option of taking part in an appropriate clinical trial.

For patients who are interested in finding out about cancer clinical trials, the full list of Irish trials and further information about the process is available here. Patients can also discuss clinical trials with their medical oncologist.