Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery represents an integral component of the comprehensive care of cancer patients at BSCCC. Its primary function in the treatment of cancer patients is to facilitate other surgeons and specialists to effectively treat cancer, offering patients the best opportunity for cure. Reconstructive surgery which can be required in conjunction with cancer treatment differs from cosmetic surgery because reconstructive surgery is carried out for a medical reason.

Reconstructive surgery is most commonly needed after some types of surgery to remove the cancer. A patient may choose to have reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy. A mastectomy is the surgical removal of the breast, a type of treatment for breast cancer. Another example is when a surgeon replaces tissue or nerves removed during treatment for head and neck cancer or skin cancer.

The Plastic Surgery Department in Bon Secours Cork Cancer Centre (BSCCC) provides services for the diagnosis, excision and reconstruction of all types of skin cancer.

GPs can refer for a routine assessment and to the Rapid Access Skin Cancer Clinic for a same week assessment and tumour biopsy.

Same day incision or excision skin cancer biopsy is provided in addition to sentinel or open lymph node biopsy.

Wider services include:

  • Reconstruction after Mohs cancer surgery
  • Reconstruction after breast cancer lumpectomy
  • Reconstruction after colorectal cancer surgery
  • Management of skin reactions to chemotherapy
  • Management of skin reactions to radiotherapy

Secondary/delayed post cancer reconstructions after radiotherapy and secondary/delayed reconstruction to optimise cosmesis are also offered to patients.


  • Ms. Ann McKenna

Bon Secours Cork

General Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Pathology

  • Mr. Michael O’Shaughnessy

Bon Secours Cork

General Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Pathology