About Us

The Bon Secours Cork Cancer Centre offers:

  • Rapid access for screening, diagnosis and treatment
  • State of the art facilities and technology
  • Highest calibre of treatment specialists

A diagnosis of cancer has a major impact on a person’s life. We offer all the services to guide and support patients from diagnosis, to treatment and follow-up.

Our healthcare professionals and support services work together as a multidisciplinary team. Regular meetings take place to discuss each individual patient and to devise a care plan. The aim is create a patient/health professional partnership to explain what the care plan entails and make decisions, to discuss the risks and benefits and to talk to patients and families about any queries or concerns.

The hospital also provides a range of support services and additional resources, offering a holistic service to patients and families in line with our mission and values. These include palliative care, pastoral services and support aimed at practical assistance and improving quality of life.

The Bon Secours Hospital has been part of the health service landscape in the Cork region for over 100 years, offering private hospital care. In July, 2019 the new world class cancer centre opened its doors to patients. This service, which provides state-of-the-art facilities for diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients, is part of an ambitious €77 million hospital expansion which has been completed.

The development includes radiotherapy services jointly developed with the UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre to provide advanced treatments previously unavailable in the Munster area.

Bon Secours Radiotherapy Centre, in partnership with UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre, combines the expertise of Ireland’s largest independent health care provider with UPMC’s world-renowned model of cancer care. It is equipped with some of the most advanced technologies available. This includes the highly-advanced Varian Edge™ Radiotherapy System, which precisely delivers measured doses of radiation to a specific part of the body. There is also a new oncology ward with 27 en-suite rooms and an oncology day ward. There is an innovative on-site pharmacy compounding unit, to provide individualised chemotherapy treatments. BSCCC is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and is a European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) designated centre for integrated oncology and palliative care.

Founded by the Sisters of Bon Secours (Good Help), our mission is to care for the sick, the dying, and their families within a Catholic ethos.  Inspired by the Gospel and sharing in the healing mission of Jesus, we recognise the dignity and uniqueness of each person, seeking to provide high quality holistic care characterised by compassion, respect, justice, and hope.

We help our patients and families by ensuring that all of our wonderful staff are living our Bon Secours core values as they provide their services to those who come to us in need. By actively living our values, staff provide the best holistic care available. 

We have seven core values, which guide our work and inform how we deliver our services:

Respect: Honouring the dignity of others

Justice: Protecting and promoting the rights of others

Integrity: Our behaviour is consistent with our beliefs

Stewardship: Using our resources in a responsible way

Compassion: Empathising with the life situations of others

Quality: Striving to exceed the standards of good service

Innovation: Finding new ways to improve our services